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    廠址:新疆伊犁霍城縣蘆草溝鎮四宮村二組中興路河壩邊北面 835208

    地址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮都市匯商苑1號樓1401室 215316

    地址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮都市匯商苑1號樓1402室 215316

    電話:+86 512 5777 0880
    傳真:+86 512 3685 8875
    手機:+86 189 1549 6831
    手機:+86 186 2617 8622


    伊犁博陽瑞聯香料有限公司位于新疆伊犁,于2016年建成并試運行成功,后經過2017-2018年擴建車間,2019年煤改氣,2020年增加設備,實現了薰衣草精油80噸和羅馬洋甘菊精油10噸的產能,是伊犁地區首家使用綠色環保能源的大型精油加工廠。公司引進國外先進的移動式蒸車設備,是國內首家敢于創新和改進國內傳統的加工設備的工廠。公司10000多平方米的廠區坐落于50000畝種植地的中心,處于和法國普羅旺斯幾乎相同的緯度。該地區九百米的海拔高度,在天山山脈和果子溝山谷的環繞下形成的逆溫帶,非常適宜薰衣草等香料作物種植。當地農民擁有豐富的薰衣草,羅馬洋甘菊、德國洋甘菊、椒樣薄荷和留蘭香種植的經驗,現正在嘗試種植西洋蓍草和艾草。公司注重品質發展,嚴格按照國際最高標準做好品控,公司使用的設備為全不銹鋼配置,配備美國惠普公司安捷倫進口色譜儀,公司申請并嚴格執行國際GAP和中國GAP認證標準, 在基地建設中做到嚴格控制源頭, 并檢測每一個加工農戶的品質,做到批批原料層層精選。公司致力于提供100%純天然優質精油并遠銷全球五大洲,得到客戶的一致好評!歡迎海內外朋友前來洽談與合作,公司本著誠信為本,質量先行的原則,努力做到客戶最優和無悔的選擇。

    Yili Bio-Young Aromas Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is located in Yili of Xinjiang, was established and operated successfully in 2016, after the expansion of workshop in 2017-2018, replacing coal with natural gas as fuel in 2019, and the addition of distillation stills in 2020, we have achieved the production capacity of 80tons of Lavender oil and 10tons of Roman chamomile oil. We are the first essential oil manufacturor using clean energy in Yili district, China and the advanced mobile distillation stills from abroad were introduced. More than 10,000 square meters production site is in the center of 30,000 acres of planting land, which is almost same latitude to Provence in France. With an altitude of 900 meters, the area is surrounded by Tianshan Mountain and Guozigou Valley, forming a reverse temperature zone which is very suitable for planting lavender and the other perfume plants. Local farmers here adept at planting Lavender, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Mentha Piperita, Spearmint and are attempting to grow Blue Yarrow and Wormwood. We pay top attention on quality development and strictly control the quality according to international highest standards: the distillation stills used are stainless steel; testing with Agilent gas chromatograph of HP; strictly implement the Global GAP and China GAP certification standard. We analyze the quality of each processing farmer, strictly control the source in the base construction and select the raw materials in batches. We focus on providing 100% pure and natural essential oils to global five continents and earned high praises from all customers.  The good faith-based and quality first principle strive us to achieve the best choice to customes. Warmly welcome friends from home and abroad cooperate with us.

    找到我們 廠址:新疆伊犁霍城縣蘆草溝鎮四宮村二組中興路河壩邊北面 835208
    地址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮都市匯商苑1號樓1401室 215316
    地址:江蘇省昆山市玉山鎮都市匯商苑1號樓1402室 215316
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